Presentation is everything. A great product obscured by bad packaging, can't shine as it should. We believe in helping you display your product in the best way possible. Take a look at our line of innovative food packaging designed to help your product stand out, provide convenience for your customer, and protect the environment.


Smartcook Bags - New!

It’s no secret that consumers are looking for fast and healthy meal options. Precut vegetables and ready meals save customers time. SmartCookTM bags take convenience to the next level by making cooking and cleaning quick and easy.

Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate that the bags are completely recyclable and use less packaging material than traditional styrofoam trays.


Deli Bags

Whether you wrap your deli products at the counter or prepackage them for customers to grab and go, the Paris Bag is modern packaging that will make your deli products stand out. Prepackaging deli meat and cheese in the Paris Bag reduces customer wait times during busy hours without compromising on freshness or presentation. 


Lidding film

We know how important film is to the production process. Without film you can't package and ship your product. If it doesn't stick or shreds during the manufacturing process, you can end up with upset customers and higher costs. 

We don't want you to have to worry, so we promise to provide you with high quality film at prices that will make you smile. We'll work closely with your R&D team to make sure you get the film that's perfect for your product. 


Valencia Bags

Valencia bags are made of paper and polyethylene and have an adhesive band that creates a watertight seal. Ready for the exciting part? The bags increase the perceived value of their contents, resulting in happy clients and sales growth. Don't believe us? We'll give you bags to run a test so you can see for yourself.