Valencia Bag for Seafood

Valencia Seafood.jpg

Sometimes packaging makes all the difference

If you ask customers why they don’t buy more seafood you’ll probably hear “It’s smelly” and “I’m not sure how to cook it.” The Valencia Bag helps alleviate these problems. First, this paper and polyethylene bag are completely leak-proof and odor-proof, keeping your customers fridge smelling wonderful. 

The Valencia Bag can be printed with instructions on how to probably season and cook fish making it more accessible. But that’s not where the advantages of the Valencia Bag end, it also: 

  • Prevents freezer burn 
  • Increases perception of freshness 
  • Allows you to marinate seafood
  • Recyclable  

Click below to download a Valencia Bag Brochure. If you would like samples or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.